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12" Right Angle Sealer with 2.7mm seal

Our 12" Right Angle Sealer with 2.7mm seal feature; Quality Made, Heat Sealable, With the SKU of #600000, inside the package you will find 1 Unit of 12" Right Angle Sealer with 2.7mm seal. With Distribution centers across the country your order will be delivered fast locally by Discount Plastic Bags & Packaging LLC, we process all US orders within 4 hours Monday to Friday during regular business times for your convenience.

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12" Right Angle Sealer with 2.7mm seal

Sample our 12" Right Angle Sealer with 2.7mm seal

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While conventional foot sealers limit the amount of space above the seal, the perpendicular design of this right angle sealer allows you to put the seal anywhere along the bag or poly tubing.

Recommended only for applications where non-conventional placement of the seal is required, this sealer is the perfect solution for such rare requirements. It is also a great solution where multiple seals are needed to compartmentalize tubing or bags, or to make odd-shaped top seals.

The 2.7mm width of the thermal impulse heat seal makes an excellent closure on polyethylene, polypropylene, foil and Surlyn, Mylar, bubble pack and PVC bags for a professional, appealing appearance. It will seal up to 10 mil total thickness and 10.5 inch widths.

Additional Information

Maximum Sealable Width
Bags/Tubing up to 7.5 inches in width
Maximum Sealable Gauge
Up To two layers of 5 mil
Seal Band Width
2.7 mm
Shipped Weight
58 lbs
1 Unit
Other SKUs
WN-280F | SSWN-280F
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