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2" Tape Wrangler with accessories

Our 2" Tape Wrangler with accessories feature; Quality Made, Adhesive, With the SKU of #601690, inside the package you will find 1 Tape Wrangler of 2" Tape Wrangler with accessories. With Distribution centers across the country your order will be delivered fast locally by Discount Plastic Bags & Packaging LLC, we process all US orders within 4 hours Monday to Friday during regular business times for your convenience.

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2" Tape Wrangler with accessories

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The Tape Wrangler ProSeal 200D is possibly the most innovative product we have ever seen. It is so feature-packed that there is nothing on the market that even compares. While we will describe in words the incredible functionality of this unique tape gun, the video will share with you why we think it has the highest "Wow Factor" of anything on our site.

With the Tape Wrangler ProSeal 200D you can seal boxes with ease or dispense one piece of tape at a time. Made in the USA from ABS and other proprietary blended resins, the lightweight design is extremely durable. It will accommodate any 2 inch wide roll on a 3 inch core up to 110 yards.

Built-in Features:

• 4 foot retractable tape measure

• Box cutter knife (13 blades)

• Permanent marker pen

• Simple and accurate tension adjustment

• Durable two-sided cutting blade

• Soft Touch handle

Other Features:

• Docking station with mounting hardware

• Dispenser mounting/docking station

• Operating instructions

• One starter roll of 2 Inch x 55 yard carton sealing tape

Despite the abundance of features, the ProSeal 200D is stronger than traditional tape guns and 30% lighter. The docking station serves double duty as both a means of keeping track of your dispenser and fixed dispensing of single pieces of tape. You can mount it under any horizontal surface like a cabinet or shelf. It mounts just as easily to a vertical surface like a wall, post or fork lift.

This is all very easy to use with an incredibly intuitive design. You'll never settle for less after using this cutting edge product (no pun intended).

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Shipped Weight
5 lbs
1 Tape Wrangler
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