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Anti-Static Plastic Bags & Anti-Static Poly Bags

Anti-Static BagsAnti-Static Bags

This designation is often confusing to many seeking specific static protection. Here we will attempt to clear up any doubt about the meaning of the terminology.

Polyethylene has a natural tendency to produce static. This can result in a variety of problems, but the most common is having substances stuck inside of a bag during the process of emptying the bag or tubing. Light or powdered particles can stick to the sides of bags that are not produced as “Anti-Static,” making the bags impossible to empty completely.

Products designated as “Anti-Static” contain an additive that reduces the likelihood of a static buildup. It’s important to note that it “reduces” the likelihood, but it does not always eliminate such a possibility. The more dry the climate, the more likely the bags are to produce some static.

Anti-Static Bags and Tubing do dot protect against static originating outside of the package. For that level of protection, see our full selection of ESD products.

Our stock Anti-Static Poly Bags are all sold with the universally recognizable pink tint added. The light pink, albeit transparent, color tells the end user that the bag is made to reduce the likelihood of static buildup. We can custom manufacture poly bags with antistat in clear or almost any other color you want.

Contact us with your specifications to see if your requirements and our custom capabilities are a good match. Our experienced professionals may be able to assist you with creating a new specification that precisely matches your needs with the most modern engineered blends of raw materials.

Buying custom AntiStatic bags, tubing or sheeting will reduce your cost when compared to stock, and our custom manufacturing minimums are among the lowest in the industry. As an added bonus, our lead times are usually surprisingly fast and always shorter than the national average.

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