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DPB v3.0 | Welcome to our New Website

After a year of preparation from concept to design to testing, the new - Version 3.0 will be ready to launch on Monday, September 7th.

You are going to love the results of our efforts. That's a bold statement for a new launch, but we are just that confident.

There are too many advanced new features for us to list here (and we don't want to spoil the fun of discovery), but every one of them has been designed to make your shopping experience faster, easier and more rewarding.

You'll also enjoy these improvements on all of your favorite mobile devices!

Our team of experienced customer service professionals will still be available to assist you by phone, chat and email. While we think you'll sail through the new system, we'd love to help you.

Don't be shy! Let us know what you think.
As proud as we are of this accomplishment, we will always need your feedback.

DPB Team

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