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Flat Poly Bags

Flat Poly Bags

The photo shown is an example of plastic bags style only. Dimensions listed represent the actual size.

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Because custom orders do not require the expense of warehousing, our ability to “make and ship” can reduce your cost per bag.  Minimum quantity requirements vary greatly for custom runs, as smaller bags require more and larger bags require fewer total bags to meet minimum production requirements.

For more information on poly bag basics, see our, “What is a Poly Bag?” page.

Food Grade bags keep ingredients clean, reduce tampering and offer containment of their contents.  They may be used internally, inside of a box or envelope shipped to your customer or as the exclusive means of packaging from production to the shelf.  Our highly trained representatives are available to assist you with selecting correct sizing, gauge and other qualities to best suit your desired use.

The vast majority of bags offered for sale at are “Food Grade.” For your reassurance, you will see an icon which says “FDA” on the individual product description pages.

What Makes a Poly Bag “Food Grade?”

Food Grade Poly Bags are made from raw materials approved by the FDA/USDA, in an environment approved by the same agencies and packaged with the agencies’ approval.  This is accomplished by using virgin (not recycled) polyethylene resins in a clean environment, then packaging them in a manner where they will not become contaminated during shipping. 

Polyethylene is not the only raw material which may be approved for food contact by the FDA and USDA.  Polypropylene, Poly Nylon, Coextruded LLDPE/PET and several other products on our pages are food safe.  The “FDA” icon may be found in the product details pages of these products, too.

Custom food grade poly bags can offer significant savings for volume users.  If you are purchasing over $1000 of any particular size, check with us for the possibility of receiving a custom quote.  In addition to the savings, custom runs can offer more precise sizing and customized case counts.

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9” x 12” 1.5 Mil Poly Bags

Great Bags!!

We use the small, medium and large bags for our kettle corn business. They’re just the right size opening for my scoop to fit into. Price is right too!

9” x 15” 1.5 Mil Poly Bags

Durable Bags For Kettle Corn

The 1.5 mil bags work perfectly for my kettle corn business. We use them at festivals and local events to bag fresh popped kettle corn popcorn. They always hold up to the warm popcorn and never tear open when twist tied.

9” x 15” 1.5 Mil Poly Bags

Plastic Bags

Purchased this item to use for kettle corn. Item works very well for food industries.

7” x 12” 1.5 Mil Poly Bags

Bagging Popcorn

Bagging popcorn

7” x 10” 1 Mil Poly Bags

Purchase For School District

For sandwiches and other food items.

14” x 30” 3 Mil Poly Bags

Great Products From A Great Company has been our plastic bag supplier for nearly 10 years. Our small potato processing company produces around 75 20 pound bags of fresh-cut French fries daily. The bags we get from hold up and present our high quality products well. has a friendly, helpful staff and ships our orders quickly. We love working with

6” x 10” 1.5 Mil Poly Bags

Great Product

Perfect bags for my product, great prices, fast shipping. Extra points for product samples to make sure I got what I needed. Thank you!

9” x 15” 2 Mil Poly Bags


Enclose Kettlecorn for sale.

9” x 15” 2 Mil Poly Bags

Kettke Corn Bags

Discount Plastic Bags always has a great product at a very competitive price! We receive our order very quickly. Thank you!

9” x 15” 1.5 Mil Poly Bags

Very Efficient

For kettlecorn

10” x 16” 1 Mil Poly Bags

Great Service, Great Price

To bag hydroponic lettuce

9” x 15” 1.5 Mil Poly Bags

Just What I Needed At A Good Price

Kettle corn

7” x 10” 1 Mil Poly Bags

Good Product. Somewhat Pricey Shipping.

Small food saver bags. I think zip bags are a complete waste and crazy.

9” x 15” 1.5 Mil Poly Bags


Bag kettle corn

14” x 30” 3 Mil Poly Bags

14” X 30” 3 Mil Poly Bags.

I use the bags to put fresh caught fish in to go into my cooler, keeping the cooler clean!

14” x 30” 3 Mil Poly Bags

14” X 30” 3 Mil Poly Bags.

I use the bags to put fresh caught fish in to go into my cooler, keeping the cooler clean!

7” x 12” 1.5 Mil Poly Bags

Happy With Purchase

Happy with purchase. Fast delivery.

9” x 15” 1.5 Mil Poly Bags

Great Material

I love these bags. They keep my product and hold the flavor for days. It is neat how you can use ties or heat seal them.

9” x 15” 1.5 Mil Poly Bags

I Wouldn't Buy The Bags For Our Business From Anyone Else…

I wouldn't buy the bags for our business from anyone else. Discount plastic bags meets my expectations. Ordering is easy and their prices are the best. They ship out so fast too! I am always amazed how fast Fed Ex shows up at my door with my order from Discount plastic bags.

9” x 15” 1.5 Mil Poly Bags

Great Company

I order my bags on line and they ship to my business.