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Heat Shrink

Heat ShrinkHeat Shrink

In order to understand materials designed to shrink, it is first necessary to understand the basics of flexible packaging production. Plastic films are manufactured via a process that heats the plastic pellets (resin), turns it into a molten state and then pushes that near-liquid material through a narrow die. After passing through the die, the material is cooled, and it becomes solid once again.

After the plastic film cools, it is then manipulated to create bags, sheeting or tubing. These products have a wide variety of styles designed for either specific applications or a range of end uses. One of the characteristics that can be built into the product design is the ability to shrink in a controlled manner.

Any flexible plastic product will “shrink” when enough heat is applied to approach the melting point. This does not mean that any of our products will work for applications requiring heat shrink to conform to their given requirement. Standard poly bags, tubing and film not specified as “Heat Shrink” will react unpredictably to heat. This can produce a highly undesirable package.

Products with the “Heat Shrink” icon are manufactured in ways that control how much it will shrink in each direction. Different shrink products are designed to produce different appearances, too. Pallet shrink bags, for example, are made to hold a load of products on a pallet, but PVC shrink films are made to look good on a retail shelf.

If you are new to heat shrink applications, we have trained professionals to assist you with the selection of the right product to achieve your desired result. Contact us via chat, email or phone to get all the assistance you need to avoid making costly, time consuming mistakes.

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