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Folding Cartons & Boxes

Folding Cartons & Boxes

Cartons and boxes are some of the most used items for industrial packaging. Products are typically first bagged into individual units in a poly bag before then being grouped into boxes for easier shipping. Boxes are stacked into pallets and are then stretch wrapped before being put on a truck and shipped. 

Paperboard boxes on the other hand are typically used as part of the product presentation rather than for product transportation. These boxes are made from a thinner single wall material which offers a second layer of protection against physical damage beyond that of a poly bag. Typical industrial uses for paperboard boxes include the packaging of consumer products inside warehouses and factories. 

Corrugated boxes are one of the most commonly used industrial packaging elements. They can be found at pretty. much any warehouse or factory you visit and are one of the main manners in which items are packaged in bulk before being bundled on pallets and shipped. 

Should you need any help figuring out what size box or carton you need don't hesitate to call us for guidance. 

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