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Poly Tubing

Poly Tubing

When it comes to clear poly tubing, you'll find it all in our large selection of sizes and materials.  From standard LDPE tubing to specialized anti static formulations, our Five Star Guarantee, ready-to-go inventory and widely respected professional support team are here to give you the confidence you need to move forward without delay.

If you are an experienced buyer of poly tubing, you’ll love our large selection of widths, roll lengths and gauges. If you are new, not only will you appreciate our selection of options, but also our willingness and ability to assist you with choosing just the right product(s) to meet your needs.


Click on the item description to see minimum order quantities for nice savings when buying custom rather than stock.  You'll also find information about custom printing options to promote your brand, identify subtle differences in products, define contents or send a message. 

We can also make your specs with all of the most common colors in tint, color or opaque formulations.


• Anti-Block: Additive for easy opening and loading

• Anti-Static: Additiveforstatic-dissipative film

• Clarity: For improved visibility through film

• HDPE: High-density polyethylene for thinner, more economical film

• High Slip: High slip additive for reduced friction between film

• LDPE: Low-density polyethylene for standard strength film

• LLD: High Strength linear low density

• LLDPE: Linear low-density polyethylene for higher-strength film

• Metallocene: Additive for high-strength film, better quality seals or cold storage

• Non-Slip: No slip additive to increase friction between film and create more security for bags that are stacked in trailers

• Non-Scratch: No anti-block additive for a smoother film surface. Discuss new applications with one of our experts before proceeding with this option to prevent fabrication of bags that are difficult/impossible to open.

• Postal-Approved: Higher slip & anti-static additives for film used in USPS mailings

• UVI/UVA: Ultraviolet Inhibitor/Absorber to reduce the deterioration of film from the sun

• VCI: Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor for film to prevent rust

Need a size and/or gauge that you don't see here?  Contact us for today's quote.

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