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Poly Mailers & Shipping Supplies

Poly Mailers & Shipping Supplies

Poly mailers are fast becoming one of the most common types polyethylene packaging in warehouses and fulfillment centers around the country. Used to quickly pack and ship lightweight items poly mailers are easy to store in bulk and won't take up much space on your fulfillment center floor.

Our mailers come in a variety of styles and sizes and are stocked in warehouses around the country.

We also have the ability to custom make these mailers to your specification whether this be a different size or gauge from our stock ones or by printing your logo or other brand information on the mailer. Additionally if you need a very large amount of mailers you can save a hefty sum by streamlining your purchasing and buying custom made mailers in bulk. 

All of our mailers come with a tamper evident seal on top which needs to be torn to open once sealed. If you have any questions about our mailers or if you would like to receive a sample to test to ensure it meets both your size and gauge requirements please reach out to us so we can arrange this for you.

See our Poly Mailer Shipping Guide for more information.

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