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Stand Up Pouches w/ Zip Top

Stand Up Pouches w/ Zip Top

What are industrial stand up pouches used for?

Known for their strength and excellent protection stand up pouches are commonly used for applications where you need solid packaging to ensure your product is not mistreated during shipment. Additonally laminated pouches offer great visual appeal that will give your product a good finished look. 

What are common industrial applications for stand up pouches?

These pouches are very often used for containing chemicals or other products that might not be well enough contained in a lesser or bag or whose integrity migh be affected due to moisture or oxygen. Given their strength and high barrier properties they make an ideal choice when you need something tougher than a single layer material.

Key Facts

  • High Strength
  • Heat Sealable
  • Food Grade
  • Attractive Design
  • Samples available upon request
  • Custom sizes and printing available
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