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Leakproof Plastic Bags

Leakproof Plastic BagsLeakproof Plastic Bags

In a perfect world, all poly bags would be leak-Proof. In the real world, however, the automated equipment on which poly bags are manufactured will occasionally make an imperfect seal. If you need bags without the risk of a “leaker” showing up every now and then, look for Discount Plastic Bags’ “Leak-Proof” icon.

How do we do it? The special raw materials used in the manufacture of leak-proof plastic bags make the sealing temperature range much more broad, or “forgiving” of variations in the temperature of the sealing bars which result in unpredictable skips in the seals that can cause leaks.

As the sealing bars get warmer or cooler during the manufacturing process, the temperature range of achieving a solid seal makes the difference you need. Quality control checks can’t catch every missed spot on every bag. Raw materials engineered to prevent these human and mechanical errors provide the solution to give you peace of mind.

Our Leak-Proof Fish Bags and Poly Nylon Vacuum Pouches are just two examples of the bags we offer with the Leak-Proof icon. We can also provide a wide variety of custom poly bags formulated for almost any demanding application.

Contact our trained professionals with any questions you may have about how we can help you get the security you need at the seal.

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