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Redesign Promo Banner

Redesign Promo Banner

Since 2007 we have prided ourselves on always being one step ahead of our competition. We’ve demonstrated this through our ample product selection at industry leading prices, world class customer service that always puts you first, and a deep product knowledge that allowed us to always offer you the right product for your needs.

After 14 years of sporting the same look we’ve decided it’s time we focused on improving our own packaging and are redesigning both the brand colors and logo we’ve come to be known for as well as our website. We feel we have identified several areas where we can improve your experience and interaction on our site and want to make your whole experience with us easier and more fluid.

As a first step we will be changing our site’s colors and our logo to give all of our customers some time to adjust to the coming changes. In the next two to three months we will be improving the way our site looks and works in order to make your experience with us more user friendly and to cut down on the amount of screens and clicks it takes you to accomplish your mission.

We are grateful and humbled by your continuing support of us and if you have any suggestions or recommendations on what we can do to make your experience with us better please let us know.

You can contact us anytime either via email at: [email protected] or via our toll free number: 877 718 7627.

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