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Clear Retail Plastic Bags

Clear Retail Plastic Bags

The photo shown is an example of plastic bags style only. Dimensions listed represent the actual size.

For more information on poly bag basics, see our, “What is a Poly Bag?” page.

Keeping your products clean and visible for your customers with the use of poly bags is nothing new.  This is a proven means of accomplishing more tasks than we can possibly write here.

How Are Poly Bags Used in Retail?

Poly Bags are used in thousands of applications throughout the retail trade.  Whether shirt bags, display bags, merchandise bags, self service bags for bulk items or any of the almost infinite number of other uses, Poly Bags are a critical part of almost any retail business.

Custom poly bags usually offer big savings for those who buy in volume.  If stock bag purchase totals more than $1000 of any particular size, you may have an opportunity to cut your budget by going custom.  This may offer more precise sizes, convenient case counts and even options for printing.

Your cost per bag goes down with qualified custom sizes because the cost of warehousing is eliminated by “Make and Ship.”  Although we can’t quote a minimum quantity until we know the specifications, many of our customers have been surprised by the savings available with a relatively low number of Custom Poly Bags.

Have a question about which of our thousands of Poly Bags can best accomplish your goals?  Our trained representatives are awaiting your call, chat or email to assist you with selecting correct size, thickness, style and more.

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