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POF Shrink Film

POF Shrink Film

Our POF shrink films are made as a 3 layer co-extrusion of PP/LDPE/PP. They are excellent for shrink packaging any type of product, including food. You may use them on manual or automatic equipment to produce strong, attractive packages. Unlike PVC shrink films, POF films will not yellow or become brittle as they age. This gives you a longer shelf life without any loss of the original quality appearance. This film has excellent optical properties and strong tear resistance. It does not emit the sometimes irritating "smoke" when sealed, and it has a high resistance to burnout, this you will not have a build up of film deposits on your sealing wires.

Softer than PVC and very strong, this film is perfect for packaging odd-shaped products without the resulting "dog ears" that can occur with PVC films. It will make a skin tight package that will extend the shelf life of your products while protecting them from things like dust, oil and moisture.

This POF film shrinks best at temperatures between 300 and 338 degrees Farenheit.

Shrink estimates:

60% MD (Machine direction indicates the direction of the film represented by the roll length, or from front to back as it is being unwound.)

60% TD (Transverse direction indicates the direction of the film represented by the roll width, or from side to side as it comes off the roll.)

The tamper-proof nature of this form of packaging inspires confidence at the point of sale. Customers will feel secure with a fully sealed package that clearly shows unopened security from the packaging line to the ultimate destination.


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