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Suffocation Warning Printed Bags

Suffocation Warning Printed BagsSuffocation Warning Printed Bags

Suffocation Warning Printed Bags

Printed Suffocation Warning Bags help to protect your business from liability claims resulting from the possible misuse of your plastic bag packaging.

Meet industry specific requirements for warning labeling. Avoid costly rejects from recipients with internal regulations that require labeling to warn against the danger of suffocation.

Our stock poly bags that feature the Suffocation Warning print are available in the most commonly requested styles and sizes. These products ship fast, allowing you to put them to use quickly in your facility.

Custom Suffocation Warning Bags & Tubing

When volume permits, we can custom manufacture poly bags and tubing with our stock tri-lingual suffocation warning to your specifications*. You may also specify the verbiage and languages by ordering your own printing plates.

*Subject to material, gauge and dimensional limitations.

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