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BioEarth Reclosable Bags

BioEarth Reclosable Bags

Introducing our  BioEarth Zipper Bag category, where you can find the perfect packaging solution that is both eco-friendly and practical.

Our PLA zipper bags are made from compostable bio-resin, these bags meet ASTM D6400 standards for industrial composting, ensuring that they will not harm the environment. The translucent material of the bags allows you to easily identify what's inside, while the durable construction provides a grease and moisture barrier. With the added convenience of the ziplock closure, your contents stay fresh and secure. Don't compromise on quality when you can have it all with our Compostable BioEarth Zipper Bags!

Our Reclosable BioEarth PCR Bags category, offer a packaging solution that is not only practical but also environmentally friendly. These LDPE bags are made with 25% post-consumer recycled content, making them an excellent choice for reducing your carbon footprint. The hammer seals on the zippers ensure that your contents stay fresh and secure, while the side weld construction and availability of five stock sizes make these bags versatile and convenient for all your storage needs. Though the bag clarity may be slightly reduced, the quality of the Reclosable BioEarth PCR Bags is not compromised.

Choose these bags for your storage needs and make a positive impact on the environment while enjoying their practicality. Whether you choose our Compostable PLA BioEarth Zipper Bags or Reclosable BioEarth PCR Bags, you can rest assured that you are making a sustainable choice for the environment. Both categories offer high-quality packaging solutions that are practical and eco-friendly, making them the perfect choice for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint without compromising on quality.

Try them out today and join us in making a positive impact on the planet!

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