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Shrink Wrap & Film Bags

Shrink Wrap & Film Bags

The photo shown is an example of plastic bags style only. Dimensions listed represent the actual size.

Discount Plastic Bags offers a variety of manual banding films, pallet stretch film, machine wrap, hand film and other stretch film to meet your needs and expectations. If you have any questions about suitability for your application, our experts will be glad to assist you choose the most efficient product.

Our Polyolefin Centerfold Shrink Film is strong and flexible and is softer than PVC film. It has a very high tear resistance and superior optical properties.

  • Shrink Film (POF)

    Shrink Film (POF)

    Our POF shrink films are made as a 3 layer co-extrusion of PP/LDPE/...

  • PVC Shrink Film

    PVC Shrink Film

    PVC films are not approved for direct food contact. If you need a s...

  • POF Shrink Bags

    POF Shrink Bags

    High clarity polyolefin shrink bags are specifically made to be FDA...

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    18" x 1500' 70 Gauge EQ SHF Hand Wrap Stretch Film *Best Value*

    Wrapping Pallets

    Wrapping pallets

    3" x 1,000' 63 Gauge EQ - SNW Premium Narrow Width Stretch Banding Film

    Best Plastic Supplier By Far

    We use plasic tubing and plastic wrap. Very high quality + great prices

    8” x 12” 80 Gauge PVC Shrink Bags

    8B DVD Shrink Bag

    Packaging DVD case into Retail ready look Brian LDB

    3" x 1,000' 50 Gauge EQ - SNW Premium Narrow Width Stretch Banding Film

    Customer Service Was Very Attentive And …

    Customer service was very attentive and patient on my order. They provided free samples to choose the size and quality from. I would strongly recommend them and I will definitely use them again. The Blind Man Company.

    12" x 500' 75 Gauge Centerfold POF Shrink Film

    Great Product! Great Price

    I was looking for a shrink wrap for my small business. I found Discount Plastic Bags to have the most affordable pricing for my needs. Product works great and the price was awesome!