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Boilable Plastic Bags & Boil-able Poly Bags

Boil-able Plastic BagsBoil-able Plastic Bags

Most plastic bags are not appropriate for heating food in boiling water. The heat can cause most plastics to melt, break down and even contaminate the food enclosed in such conditions.

Boilable bags require a very specific blend of raw materials to maintain their structural integrity and protect the food being heated or cooked inside. We offer a nice selection of these bags and the vacuum sealers needed to close them securely.

Look for the “Boilable” icon to choose the bags we offer that meet this specification. Don’t take chances with anything less.

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Five rating star Excellent!
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Always delivers quickly and great customer service!
Lisa, Boulder, US.
Best product out there Five rating star
Best product out there. I´ve tried cheaper brands and have always come back to this company. Good quality.
Marcien Dentey, US.
Love the site Five rating star
Love the site. Shipping was very fast and items were just as advertised.
Priscilla, US.
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