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Shrink Film and Shrink Bags

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Discount Plastic Bags offers a variety of shrink films and bags for industrial and retail containment at wholesale prices. We carry cheap shrink wrap and shrink wrap bags that can be sealed with either an industrial shrink tunnel or with a heat gun. We carry both high clarity PVC shrink film as well as FDA approved POF shrink film for use in direct contact with foods.

While Polyolefin (POF) Shrink Film is strong and flexible and is softer than PVC film, PVC film has a higher tear resistance as well as superior optical properties. PVC does not require a high amount of heat to function but rather works well in low temperature settings and provides resistance to ambient heat during storage and transit. 

Polyolefin is made from a blend of polyethylene and polypropylene making it FDA approved for direct contact with food. It also does not give us fumes during shrinking making it excellent for use in small spaces without ventilation. 

If you are unsure what type of shrink film is best for your application reach out to us so we can help you choose the shrink film which is best for your use. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is shrink film?

Much like its name implies shrink film is a plastic film that shrinks when heat is applied to it. It is typically used to contain loads as well as prolong the shelf life of food products due to its high barrier properties.

What are the benefits of shrink wrap in industrial and retail containment?

Shrink wrap is great at keeping things together and protecting them from the environment around them be this humidity, dirt, or wear and tear. It is a cost effective way to protect your items during transit and storage.

Can I use a hair dryer for shrink wrap?

While a hair dryer will work in a pinch it is not a good substitute for a heat gun in the same way that a fork is not a good substitute for a comb. As it is not made for this purpose it will give off an uneven level of heat which will may cause either small holes in the film or uneven shrinking which will not give your product that nice finished look it deserves. We recommend investing in a heat gun as this will provide you with a better experience and provides the consistent level of heat which the film requires in order for it to function as designed.

What is the difference between shrink wrap and stretch wrap?

Both shrink film and stretch wrap are considered "containment films" which are meant to protect and contain their load. Both are also made from polymers with small differences in their formulation. The main difference between the two is that shrink film contains loads by shrinking when heat is applied to it while stretch film requires you to stretch it while applying it to the load in order for it to contain. Stretch wrap is more commonly used in industrial settings for the containment of pallets while shrink film is more commonly used for retail applications as it can be printed and gives the packaging of products a more finished and professional look.

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