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Fish Poly Bags (Leak-Proof)

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Ensure safe transport for your live tropical, freshwater, or saltwater fish and coral with our Leakproof Fish Bags. Specifically designed for aquarium enthusiasts, these bags feature:

  • EVA-enhanced LDPE for superior seal strength.
  • Outstanding heat-seal capability.
  • FDA and USDA approval for fish and coral safety.
  • 100% recyclable and made from virgin materials.
  • Guaranteed leak-proof seals, ensuring secure transit.

Choose our Leakproof Fish Bags for peace of mind during transport.

Additional Benefits:

  • Five Star Guarantee: Every product on this page is backed by our industry-leading Five Star Guarantee 
  • Exclusive DiscountPlus™: You automatically earn valuable DiscountPlus™ Points that may be saved and used for discounts on future orders, employee gifts or rewarding yourself for a job well done. It's our way of rewarding your loyalty to Discount Plastic Bags.

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