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1.75 Mil Leak Proof Slide Seal Zipper Lock Bags

1.75 Mil Leak Proof Slide Seal Zipper Lock Bags

1.75 Mil Leak Proof Slide Seal Zipper Lock Bags - ValuZip™

ValuZip™ No Leak Slide Seal Reclosable Bags with White Block are designed specifically to eliminate leakage due to faulty seals or slider zip mechanisms. You can turn the bag upside-down, and it won't leak! This is really helpful when you need your package to lock in securely your wet foods or liquids.

  • Easy Grip Slider: The slide seal closure of these bags is easy to use, even with gloved hands, making them ideal for use in medical and food service settings where cleanliness and accessibility are crucial.
  • Convenient Dimensions: Size represents the interior dimensions of the bags. Width is the bag's opening, and length is the distance between the slider zip closure and the bottom of the bag. Dimensions are Listed in Inches.
  • FDA Approved: ValuZip™ Leak Proof Slide-Seal Reclosable Poly Bags meet FDA requirements for food contact, making them safe for use with food and pharmaceutical products.
  • BPA-Free and Food Safe: ValuZip™ 2 Mil Reclosable Bags are free from BPA (bisphenol A) and safe for storing food items.
  • Free Samples Available: If you're unsure whether or not these bags are right for your needs, you can request free samples to try them out before making a purchase.
  • Shipped with Slide Seal Open: These bags are shipped with the slide seal open, which makes them easy to load and pack.
    • These leak-proof bags are great for many applications in a multitude of different industries. In the food industry, they're perfect for storing and transporting food items without worrying about them leaking. In the healthcare industry, they're helpful for storing medical supplies that have to stay dry. In industrial settings, they can be used for all sorts of storage needs where leakage would create damage or loss. Their biggest limit may just be your imagination!

      Please note that we do not sell Ziploc brand bags.

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