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Explore the versatility of our Poly Bags, designed from LDPE or LLDPE for cost-effective packaging solutions. Ideal for storage, shipping, and product protection, our experts can guide you in selecting the perfect size and thickness to meet your specific requirements.

Flat Poly Bags

Key Features:

  • Versatile packaging made from LDPE or LLDPE.
  • Ideal for storage, shipping, and product protection.
  • Expert guidance for selecting the right size and thickness.
  • Cost-effective options with varying thicknesses (gauges).
  • Pricing influenced by raw material costs and market conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Poly Bag? What Does Poly Bag Mean?

In the world of packaging, the term “poly bag” almost always refers to a plastic bag made from low density polyethylene. With the advancement of raw materials engineering, this includes linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) and can also be used to describe bags made from high density polyethylene (HDPE), medium density polyethylene (MDPE) or all of the above. What Does Poly Liner Mean? Also known as Poly Liner Bags, Poly Liners are made with the same materials as Poly Bags described above. The word liner is just the descriptive use for essentially the same product. Flat Poly Bags (Poly Liners) are exceptional for lining circular spaces for example office trash cans. Where as a Gusseted Poly Bag (Gusseted Poly Liner) would be used to line a box or rectangular package.

What are the thermal properties of polyethylene?

HDPE Melting point in the 120 - 180 C range (248 - 356 F)

Softening Point: 120ºC (266ºF)

Recommended Use Temp for HDPE:<100ºC (212ºF)

LDPE and LLDPE Melting point in the 105 - 115 C range (221 - 239 F)

Softening point: 95ºC (203Fº)

Recommended Use Temp for LDPE: < 80ºC (176ºF)

What are the electrical properties of polyethylene?

Polyethylene is a good electrical insulator however without an additive it can become easily electrostatically charged.

What are the optical properties of polyethylene?

Depending on the density and the gauge PE can vary between almost transparent and a milky opaque or translucent. LDPE being the clearest followed by LLDPE being slightly less clear and HDPE being the least transparent of all. If you are looking for a high clarity material that would be polypropylene.

How should plastic bags be disposed of?

Plastic bags are recyclable and should be dropped off at the nearest recycling facility to you. Many locations around the U.S. offer curbside drop off for recycling. Please note that only certain locations accept flexible packaging as this requires a slightly different process than hard plastics

To find the nearest plastic bag recycling location near you enter your zip code in the following link: Plastic Film Recycling Locations

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