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4 Mil Flat Poly Bags on Rolls

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14 Items

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Heavy Duty 4 Mil Clear Flat Poly Bags on Rolls | Ultimate Protection for Demanding Applications

Experience superior protection with our Heavy Duty 4 Mil Clear Flat Poly Bags on Rolls, offering unmatched durability and reliability for demanding requirements.

Key Features:

  • Convenient "On-a-Roll" Packaging:

    Mount these to your wall or table-mounted dispenser for easy access. Perforations keep them neatly connected until needed, allowing for effortless dispensing.

  • Heavy-Duty Construction:

    Crafted from 4 Mil (.004") LDPE, these bags are twice as thick as standard options, ensuring exceptional strength and resilience for demanding applications.

  • Standard 3 Inch Cores with Adaptable Core Plugs:

    Rolled onto heavy-duty 3" standard cardboard cores, each end secured with plastic adapters with 1" centers, offering flexibility for dispenser options.

  • Durable:

    Resistant to friction burn-through, suitable for heavy weight or puncture-prone items, providing reliable protection for your valuable goods.

  • Secure Sealing Options:

    Can be easily sealed with twist ties or heat sealer, ensuring a tamper-proof closure for added security.

  • Moderate Clarity:

    Suitable for industrial use, offering moderate clarity while maintaining strength and durability.

  • FDA and USDA Approved:

    Food safe, manufactured with materials compliant with FDA and USDA regulations, ensuring the safety of your packaged food items.

  • BPA-Free and Food Safe:

    Free from harmful BPA (bisphenol A), specifically designed to securely store food products.

  • Custom Options Available:

    Tailor-made solutions to meet your specific requirements, including custom sizes, colors, printing, UVI protection, VCI, and more.

Unique Discount Plastic Bags Benefits:

  • Five Star Guarantee:

    Our industry-leading Five Star Satisfaction Guarantee ensures unparalleled quality and reliability with every purchase.

  • Low Price Guarantee:

    We guarantee the best value online. If you find a lower price from a qualified competitor, we'll match it!*

  • DiscountPlus™ Points:

    Earn valuable DiscountPlus™ Points with every purchase, redeemable for discounts on future orders or gift cards, as our token of appreciation for your loyalty.

Experience the ultimate protection and durability with our Heavy Duty 4 Mil Clear Flat Poly Bags on Rolls. Place your order or request free samples today to discover the Discount Plastic Bags difference.

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