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Heat Sealers

Heat Sealers

Thermal impulse heat sealers, air pillow machines and films, direct heat sealers, portable bag sealers, bag tape dispensers, double impulse heat sealers, vacuum bag sealers, paper and vinyl twist ties, nylon plastic ties, self-locking ties, tray formers, shrink wrapping systems, heat tunnels, tray sealers... When it comes to a sealer for plastic, Discount Plastic Bags has almost unlimited options from which you can choose.

Flat, Zip or Gusseted to Tubing we have a sealer for the job no matter the size, gauge or material from polypropylene and polyethylene (poly) to flexible plastic and foil, we will help you seal it to lock in freshness or keep out dust and moisture.

Our trained experts will be happy to assist you with determining the best-matched closure option for your flexible packaging application. Whether your goal is economy or speed, we will help you find the right solution to whatever challenge confronts you. We'll make it easy.

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