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Chamber Vacuum Sealer

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Chamber Vacuum Sealers are ideal for commercial sealing environments. These sealers offer the fastest and most consistent seals among the three types of vacuum sealers.

Vacuum Chambers do not need an external compressor.  The built in compressor can be set for dwell time of both vacuum and sealing bar, resulting in perfect results every single time.  By far the best option if you have the space and budget to accommodate the machine.

Our Chamber Vacuum Sealers work with economical Poly Nylon Vacuum Pouches, but they will also work with Channeled Vacuum Pouches.

*Important Notice*

Because the majority of vacuum sealers are used for food service, these machines may not be returned.  We do have service technician aailable by phone to assist you with any challenge that may arise, or we can also arrange for repairs.  Contact us if your machine is not performing as desired, and we will work with you to achieve your satisfaction.

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