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Retail Packaging

Retail Packaging

Retail Packaging, Merchandise bags, stand-up pouches with zip top closures, bulk item bags and specialty items can be found here to cover the needs of just about any retailer’s needs. This rapidly growing category includes thousands of stock bags which are ready to ship today.

We have the ability to meet many custom requirements for putting your company logo and message on an ever expanding number of products. Contact us to discuss your requirements and find out if we can help you to build your brand with custom printed poly bags, tubing and much more.

8.5" x 11" 0.6 Mil Magenta High Density Merchandise Bags

Cute Pink Bags Show We Care

We sell underwear online. Most sellers just toss the garment into the envelope and seal it up. We put ours into these cute pink bags. I have more consciousness now about plastic so I wonder down the line if the company might be looking at biodegradable or paper ones to serve the same purpose. In the meantime, we buy these in a couple sizes to fit the garments.

100% of 100

10" x 13" 0.6 Mil Black High Density Merchandise Bags

Great Item And Cost Effective

Nice way to package products for shipment.

100% of 100

12" x 3" x 18" 0.7 Mil Orange High Density Merchandise Bags with Die Cut Handles

Awesome Bags

We use these for gift bags at our Nutrition Olympics that we sponsor for 3rd graders every year.

100% of 100

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