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From field to fork , explore our thoughtfully designed food packaging solutions, tailored for the demands of farmers, food processores, restaurants, and retailers seeking optimal freshness and presentation.

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Plastic Bags For Food Packaging

Our food grade plastic bags are meant for every type of industry that uses bags to protect, transport, or keep fresh their product. This includes restaurants, production plants, farms, farmers markets, and grocery stores. Our food safe bags are made from virgin resin and are FDA approved for direct contact with food. We offer wholesale food bags at the most competitive pricing you will find and offer worldclass customer service to make sure you are satisfied with every order.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding which product is best for your application.

Samples are available on request.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is food packaging?

Food packaging consists of both flexible and rigid materials used to protect during transport from contamination as well as extend the shelf life of products. The packaging that is in direct contact with the food must be made from FDA approved material.

What kind of food safe packaging do you offer?

We offer a large variety of plastic bags made from virgin resins which are fda approved for direct contact with food. Depending on your requirements you will need a specific size, gauge, or material to achieve your goal of keeping your product fresh until it gets into your customers hands.

What types of materials are used for food packaging?

Some of the most common materials for protecting foods and keeping them fresh are: polyethylene, prolypropylene, polyvinyl, and laminated bags which consist of various materials joined together to achieve a higher degree of protection than is possible using a single material.

How does food packaging keep foods fresh?

Flexible films offer barriers against direct contamination such as bacterias and molds. This ensures foods are stored in a hygenic environment between the time they are packaged and when they are consumed. Food barrier films also offer protection from oxygen and moisture both of which can affect the organoleptic qualities of a food.

Are plastic food bags recyclable?

Plastic food bags made from monolayer or if laminated single material films are recyclable. Typically the bag needs to be clean in order for it to not dirty the waste stream that it is being recycled in.

How can I seal food bags?

The most common ways which food bags are sealed are with twist ties, a heat sealer, or with tape. Some also have a built in seal such as a ziplock or tin tie which allow you to seal the top to preserve the freshness of the contents.

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