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The photo shown is an example of plastic bags style only. Dimensions listed represent the actual size.

From the most simple “Food Safe” FDA Approved Poly & Zip Bags to the most demanding of application-specific packaging products, you’ll find everything you need for processing and serving food in this unmatched selection of products.

Small convenience stores to major meat packing operations and everything in between, we have it all covered here. This includes restaurants, catering operations, produce distributors, home-based producers, concession operators and just about any company that is processing and packaging consumable products.

  • Polypropylene Bags

    Polypropylene Bags

    High Clarity, heat sealable and keeps your food product fresher for...

  • Flat Poly Bags

    Flat Poly Bags

    Food Grade bags keep ingredients clean, reduce tampering and offer ...

  • Drawstring Bags

    Drawstring Bags

    Double Drawstring bags meets FDA requirements for use in food.

  • Ice Bags

    Ice Bags

    Ideal for ice bag and cold storage applications

  • Poly Tubing

    Poly Tubing

    Easily fit long foods with custom sized bags

  • Sandwich Bags

    Sandwich Bags

    The term "Sandwich Bag" is widely used, but it seems that everyone ...

  • Shrink Wrap

    Shrink Wrap

    Our POF films are FDA approved for food contact. Because they are "smo...

  • Take Out Bags

    Take Out Bags

    Take Out Bags for a wide variety of applications. Whatever ...

  • Vacuum Bags

    Vacuum Bags

    Take the oxygen out to keep the freshness in

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    Total Reviews:20

    8.5” x 8.5” 0.55 HDPE Saddle Pack Bags


    Using these bags gives me enough room to prep alot of my food!

    8.5” x 8.5” 0.55 HDPE Saddle Pack Bags


    Using these bags gives me enough room to prep alot of my food!

    6” x 14” + 3.5” 1 Mil Low Density Printed Celery Bag

    Celery Bags

    Repacking naked celery for customers.

    4 oz Clear 4 Mil Stand Up Pouches w/ Zip

    Excellent Quality

    We have a set of nutrition lesson flash cards that we need to keep together and clean. These bags are perfect to hold the cards and keep out any dirt or moisture.

    9” x 12” 1.5 Mil Poly Bags

    Great Bags!!

    We use the small, medium and large bags for our kettle corn business. They’re just the right size opening for my scoop to fit into. Price is right too!

    4 oz Clear 4 Mil Stand Up Pouches w/ Zip

    4 ML Bags

    For my snacks, to sell..Very happy with the bags that 8 get at discount plastic bags. always FAST delivery.

    12 oz Clear 4 Mil Stand Up Pouches w/ Zip

    Great Bags

    Packaging dog treats

    9” x 15” 1.5 Mil Poly Bags

    Durable Bags For Kettle Corn

    The 1.5 mil bags work perfectly for my kettle corn business. We use them at festivals and local events to bag fresh popped kettle corn popcorn. They always hold up to the warm popcorn and never tear open when twist tied.

    9” x 15” 1.5 Mil Poly Bags

    Plastic Bags

    Purchased this item to use for kettle corn. Item works very well for food industries.

    11" x 7" + 3 BG 1.5 Mil LDPE Saddle Pack Vented Slide Seal Bag

    Great Bags For Farmers Market Sales

    I purchased these as an inexpensive alternative to the hard clear cherry tomato tubs. Now other produce is coming on and it works even better for peppers and green beans. This works perfectly for my application - is cost effective and is higher quality than the produce bags every grocery store uses. Customers seem to appreciate the zippered closure.

    Large Vinyl Powder Free Gloves

    Great First Experience

    We are going to use these items to build Medicine Making kits for our client.

    7” x 12” 1.5 Mil Poly Bags

    Bagging Popcorn

    Bagging popcorn

    7” x 10” 1 Mil Poly Bags

    Purchase For School District

    For sandwiches and other food items.

    14” x 30” 3 Mil Poly Bags

    Great Products From A Great Company has been our plastic bag supplier for nearly 10 years. Our small potato processing company produces around 75 20 pound bags of fresh-cut French fries daily. The bags we get from hold up and present our high quality products well. has a friendly, helpful staff and ships our orders quickly. We love working with

    12 oz Clear 4 Mil Stand Up Pouches w/ Zip

    Clear Pouches

    To package food products

    16” x 14” x 24” 3 Mil Gusseted bags

    Love These Bags!

    We use these bags to package grains for resale. These bags are the BEST and the prices and service excellent!

    6” x 10” 1.5 Mil Poly Bags

    Great Product

    Perfect bags for my product, great prices, fast shipping. Extra points for product samples to make sure I got what I needed. Thank you!

    9” x 15” 2 Mil Poly Bags


    Enclose Kettlecorn for sale.

    9” x 15” 2 Mil Poly Bags

    Kettke Corn Bags

    Discount Plastic Bags always has a great product at a very competitive price! We receive our order very quickly. Thank you!

    9” x 15” 1.5 Mil Poly Bags

    Very Efficient

    For kettlecorn