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Bread Bags & Bakery Bags

Tapes and Twist Ties

Many plastic bags will “work” for packaging bread. When you want the right bag to make the most of your bread products, however, Discount Plastic Bags has a large selection here that are specifically designed to accomplish various goals.

From Bun Pan and Pan Rack Covers for institutional use to Polypropylene Micro-Perf Bags that will carry the aroma of your fresh bread throughout the store to standard poly bags shaped for the right fit, we have the most popular sizes, gauges and materials in demand in this market.

Still don’t see the perfect product? While we can’t stock every possible product for the many varied requests that come through to us daily, we do have a wide range of custom capabilities in a nationwide network of manufacturing plants. Chances are good that we can make the perfect product for you with some of the fastest shipping times and lowest minimums in the industry.*

We live to help people find solutions, and our highly trained staff will always be happy to help you find just the right bags to optimize your packaging imagination ~ Including custom printing! Why not contact us today?

*Minimum quantities apply per size

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