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Poly Nylon Vacuum Bags

Poly Nylon Vacuum Bags

Co-extruded poly-nylon vacuum sealer bags will virtually stop oxygen from penetrating these pouches when sealed.

Using a vacuum sealer and pouch will significantly extend the life and flavor of your food, as well as prevent freezer burn and dehydration loss. Perfect for meat, cheese & fish. Eliminate waste by adding shelf life to your refrigerated and frozen food products.

Our vacuum bags are FDA and USDA approved for direct contact with food.

7" x 9" 3 Mil Poly-Nylon Vacuum Pouch


I'm using for my sausage small start up business

100% of 100

18" x 28" 3 Mil Poly-Nylon Vacuum Pouch

Bags Are Extra Strong

We package smoked turkeys that we smoke in our smoke house and have found these bags are stronger than the ones we were using. We save a lot of time by not having to repackage the turkeys due to broken vac bags.

100% of 100

8" x 12" 3 Mil CoEx Poly Nylon Vacuum Bags

8x12 Bags

Storing frozen meat

100% of 100

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