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Heavy Duty Corrugated Boxes

Heavy Duty Boxes | Corrugated Packaging

Elevate your packaging standards with our heavy-duty boxes, designed to secure and protect your most valuable and weighty items. These robust boxes, ranging from ECT 44 single wall to ECT 90 triple wall corrugated, are built to withstand the toughest conditions, ensuring your products arrive in pristine condition. Ideal for heavy or high value items, these boxes not only safeguard your products but also enhance their perceived value through superior packaging.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Protection:

    Available in various thicknesses from single to triple wall corrugated, providing maximum security against impacts and compressive forces.

  • Versatile Applications:

    Suitable for a wide range of products, from industrial equipment to fragile artifacts, ensuring tailored fit and protection.

  • Added Value:

    High-quality packaging increases customer satisfaction and reduces the likelihood of returns by minimizing damage during shipping.

  • Cost-Effective:

    By reducing damage-related costs and claims, these boxes offer a cost-effective solution to your important packaging challenges.

  • Sustainable Choice:

    Strong yet recyclable materials make these boxes an environmentally responsible choice for your shipping needs.

  • Unique Discount Plastic Bags Benefits:

    • Five Star Guarantee:

      Our Heavy-Duty Boxes come with our Five Star Satisfaction Guarantee, emphasizing our commitment to quality and excellence.

    • Low Price Guarantee:

      You’re assured of getting the best prices with our Low Price Guarantee. Find a lower price elsewhere from a qualified competitor? We'll match it.*

    • DiscountPlus™ Points:

      Every purchase accrues DiscountPlus™ Points, redeemable for discounts on future orders, enhancing the value of choosing DPB for all of your packaging needs.

    To conclude, our Heavy-Duty Boxes are the cornerstone of reliable and secure packaging for your shipments. These boxes are engineered to protect your heaviest and most valuable items, ensuring they withstand the rigors of transport while maintaining their integrity. Opt for Heavy-Duty Boxes today to benefit from our most enhanced protection, added value to your customers and exclusive benefits. Secure your shipments with confidence and watch your cost savings grow, thanks to reduced claims and increased customer satisfaction.

    *Terms and conditions apply.

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