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Low Price Guarantee!

Discount Plastic Bags, Our Name Means What it Says!

With over 40 years of experience in the packaging industry, our team is always making sure that our prices represent the very best value on the internet. We spend many hours each week comparing products and pricing to insure that we live up to our name.

If you happen to find a lower price on a comparable product from one of our competitors, we guarantee to meet or beat it!*

The Games People Play

Unfortunately, there are those who take the easy way out when trying to compete in a marketplace that is increasingly challenging. Rather than do the difficult work required to make an honest living, some in our business will simply sell products that are thinner than advertised.  In some cases they may even resort to shipping fewer bags per case or fewer feet per roll than advertised.

Measuring the thickness of plastic bags, film and tubing can be impossible for a consumer. Unless you have a micrometer designed specifically for measuring the gauge of plastic films, it isn't possible to "know" that a product is under-gauge. Some raw materials are softer than others, and this may make them feel thinner to the touch. Others are more rigid than average, making them feel thicker. "Feeling" a product is not an accurate means of comparison.

In many (perhaps most) cases, the difference isn't noticeable to you - the end user. Those who use these deceptive practices are counting on that. You can avoid being a victim of this kind of scam. Discount Plastic Bags guarantees our products to be "as described" in each of our listings.

We Keep You Informed

Here are acceptable industry standard tolerances for the gauge, measurement and count of every product we sell. We post these tolerances clearly so that you can be an informed buyer from the very start. See our tolerances page for a complete description of these tolerance limits.

Your Purchase Is Guaranteed!

Nobody backs you up better than Discount Plastic Bags with our Five Star Satisfaction Guarantee. Buy with confidence knowing that your satisfaction is our primary goal, and we back it up with the best guarantee in the business.

We Love Happy Customers!

We don't want your order. We want your business. You are the ultimate judge and jury deciding how well we perform, so we will do everything possible to make you so happy with your purchase that you giggle.

That said, we must protect ourselves from some who may try to take advantage of our desire to be your favorite choice online for packaging products. That means that we have to say this:

* To take advantage of our Low Price Guarantee, simply email or fax (877.869.1591) a current copy of our competitor's page showing the item description, price and count. If the lower priced product is available online, you may also opt to email a link to the page with this information.

The confirming information you provide must be current and accurate with no printing or data entry errors. All information must be verifiable.

This offer is limited to our legitimate national USA-based competitors on their own company web site; i.e - no eBay, Amazon,, etc., please.

Items must match the size, gauge, quality and quantity offered by Discount Plastic Bags on our web

Discontinued, Closeout, offers combined with other order stipulations and custom munufactured products are excluded from this offer. Discount Plastic Bags reserves the right to limit quantities at our sole discretion.

Noteworthy Exceptions

Discontinued, Closeout, offers combined with other order stipulations and custom manufactured products are excluded from this offer. Some items that may be shipped from 3rd party vendors due to our limited total volume on those items. Discount Plastic Bags reserves the right to limit quantities at our sole discretion.

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