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Clear Pallet Covers

Clear Pallet Covers

Our high quality clear pallet covers offer economical protection of your products from dust, dirt and moisture. Excellent for keeping palletized products clean while awaiting shipment or protection during shipment.

These extra large bags are made from 100% virgin LDPE/LLDPE. They are food safe and FDA approved for contact with consumable items. Many of these sizes may also be used to line the interior of large combo bins.

Our clear pallet covers are conveniently packed on rolls for easy storage or wall mounting. The 3” i.d. industrial cores with core plugs which have 1” diameter centers add flexibility for just about any shipping or warehouse environment.

Keeping your products clean will result in happier customers and fewer rejects.

Custom sizes are also available!*

*Minimum custom quantities will be cheerfully quoted upon request.

54" x 44" x 96" 3 Mil Gusseted Bags on Rolls

I Am Using The Bags

I am using the bags as birth pool liners, but the first one I used leaked, so I am not sure if they are water tight.

80% of 100

54" x 44" x 96" 3 Mil Gusseted Bags on Rolls


The polybags do a great job for what we need them for. Thanks again.

80% of 100

50" x 44" x 57" 4 Mil Gusseted Bags on Rolls


We are using the bags to line dry ice bins. Perfect size, USDA approved and they can take the -90deg temp.

100% of 100

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