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Bag Closures & Twist Ties

Bag Closures & Twist Ties

We have a wide selection of products for closing your bags.

Paper covered wires ties for minimum number of open/close, vinyl covered wires ties for greater number of open/close, adjustable self-locking ties for securing industrial products inside of bags and locking nylon cable ties for the most secure one-time closure of bags. These products cover the greatest number of requirements and are sure to fit your application well.

4" White Paper Covered Wire Twist Ties


Keeping strands of wire neat for shipping

80% of 100

4" White Paper Covered Wire Twist Ties


To seall up palstic bags.

100% of 100

4" White Vinyl Covered Wire Twist Ties

For Kettle Corn Bags

For Kettle corn bags

80% of 100

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