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Recyclable LDPE IconLDPE & HDPE. We use the term, “poly tubing,” to describe only conventional packaging products manufactured from recyclable resins. Learn More...

TubingHeat Sealable IconFDA Approved IconThis is premium, FDA/USDA approved, heat sealable clear poly tubing which is an excellent alternative to bags. It works for varied length items, as you can cut it to your required length and either tie it or seal it to suit the size prior to storage, or for keeping your items clean and protected from moisture during shipping. Learn More...

When it comes to clear poly tubing, you'll find it all in our large selection of sizes and materials.  From standard LDPE tubing to specialized anti static formulations, our Five Star Guarantee, ready-to-go inventory and widely respected professional support team are here to give you the confidence you need to move forward without delay.

If you are an experienced buyer of poly tubing, you’ll love our large selection of widths, roll lengths and gauges. If you are new, not only will you appreciate our selection of options, but also our willingness and ability to assist you with choosing just the right product(s) to meet your needs.

What is Poly Tubing? What Does Poly Tubing Mean?

This term is used (accurately) to describe products outside of the realm of packaging. In packaging, however, the term “poly tubing” almost always refers to a roll of flat plastic tubing made from low density polyethylene (LDPE). As raw materials engineering has advanced, this now includes linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) and can also be used to describe bags made from medium density polyethylene (MDPE), high density polyethylene (HDPE) or all of the above.

First time buyers of poly tubing often make a mistake in determining the size (width) needed for any given application. To avoid mistakes, measure the circumference of the largest point of the product to be inserted into the poly tubing, divide by two (2) and add one (1) to two (2) inches. The tubing must be larger than the product which will be inserted into it.

The most common mistake is that the diameter of a product is measured, then the width of the poly tubing is chosen by adding an inch or two to that diameter. Because poly tubing is measured and sold in its flat form, the width does not indicate the diameter of the tubing. It’s a very natural assumption that width=diameter when one is unfamiliar with the different methods of measurement.

With accurate measurements, this LDPE/LLDPE tubing can be the perfect solution for those needing bag longer than what is available in the stock packaging market, or those who package products with variable lengths but the same circumference, as the tubing may simply be cut to length. Closure can occur by anything from tying the extra plastic on the ends into knots to using a bag sealer. The sealers are also available with a built in cutter to insure a nice, clean, professional looking cut that would be extremely difficult to otherwise manually achieve.

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    4" x 1500' 4 Mil Poly Tubing

    I Had A Hard Time Understanding It At First, But Once I Got It Figured Out It Works Great.

    Making 40" x 4" bags to put over Flags that I am making.

    20" x 700' 6 Mil Poly Tubing

    Product Perfect For Our Use

    We ordered the 20" x 700' roll of 6 Mil Poly Tubing. My husband is using it to protect a 16' tower (for a high striker) while transporting it on the racks on his truck. We have used it once so far and it worked perfectly, protecting the tower from the elements while traveling. We can reuse the length of tubing we've cut, and when it wears out, we can just cut a new length.

    6" x 1000' 6 Mil Poly Tubing

    Great Product

    Great product

    4" x 3000' 2 Mil Poly Tubing

    Great Transaction

    First time dealing with discount. Order was hassle free and promptly shipped.

    8" x 3000' 2 Mil Poly Tubing


    Works well as i expected

    3" x 1000' 3 Mil Poly Tubing

    Candy Bags.

    Candy bags.

    13" x 1350' 4 Mil Poly Tubing

    Works Great!!

    Using these bags to make straw logs for oyster mushroom farming. Great bags that seem fairly sturdy.

    14" x 3500' 1.25 Mil Poly Tubing on Roll

    Excellent Quality Bags!

    We use these bags to hold paperwork for the machines we work on as they go through the whole process. This allows us to track the machines without worry of the paperwork getting wet, being painted, or lost since everything is together in one bag.

    14" x 3500' 1.25 Mil Poly Tubing on Roll

    Plastic Tubing

    To cover bolts of fabric

    8" x 1500' 4 Mil Poly Tubing

    Everything Works Great!

    These bags are perfect for what I need. And the price was great.

    12" Dispenser For Poly Tubing and Bags on Rolls

    12" Dispenser For Poly Tubing And Bags On Rolls.

    Use this dispenser for bags to store frozen cookie dough.

    20" x 1050' 4 Mil Poly Tubing

    20 Inch Poly Tubing

    We are using the tubing as grow bags in our mushroom business.

    10" x 4000' 1.5 Mil Poly Tubing

    Thumbs Up

    Packaging our product in this tubing is simple and easy. Fast shipping. Would recommend

    13" x 3600' 1.5 Mil Poly Tubing

    Astartes Drapery Workroom

    We put the custom made draperies on a hanger and wrap hanger and drapery in the plastic tubing. That way nothing will get on it from the workroom to the client’s home or business. It stays dry in the rain also. We love it!!!

    48" x 450' 4 Mil Poly Tubing

    48” X 450' 4 Mil Poly Tubing - Great Product

    Packing telec.racks

    7" x 1000' 6 Mil Poly Tubing

    Great Source/Great Product

    I’m using the 7” -6 mil tubes to ship canoe paddles. Perfect fit and gauge ovf vinyl. VERRY IMPRESSED WITH THE QUICK, ACCURATE SERVICE AND SHIPPING!!!

    40" x 1200' 2 Mil Poly Tubing

    40” Tubing

    I use this product to put carcasses in for transport to the butcher shop

    24" x 1200' 3 Mil Poly Tubing

    Admin Assistant

    We are a lumber company with a hardware store. We use the plastic tubing to protect our lumber deliveries from the rain and snow. It is so much easier than pallet wrap.

    3" x 1500' 2 Mil Poly Tubing

    Poly Tubing For Flooring Molding

    Using to package molding I sell with flooring. Works good no complaints

    4" x 3000' 2 Mil Poly Tubing

    Love Discount Plastics And Their Customer Service

    We use this product in our packaging process where we ship bottles of liquid. The ladder seals and double packaging makes for no mess or waste of other bottles in case one bottle fails during shipping by air. I highly recommend this company, we have used them for over 5 years with absolutely no problems.

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