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Umbrella Bags

Umbrella Bags

Prevent dangerous and costly slip-and-fall accidents with Umbrella Bags. Umbrella Bags are a proven, convenient and economical way to help keep water off the floor during rainy weather. Umbrella bags are made from strong and cost-effective high density polyethylene and are available in two sizes to fit a variety of umbrellas. The bags are on a convenient header pack that provides easy dispensing for the user and makes it easy to replenish the bags on the stand.

  • Helps keep floors dry on rainy days
  • Reduces potentially dangerous and costly slips and falls
  • Header pack has five large holes designed to accommodate many stand and hook designs
  • Two sizes of bags available to hold umbrellas of different lengths
  • 100 bags per header pack
  • Bold graphic design

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  1. Long Umbrella Bag
    1,000 Bags per Case
    Long Umbrella Bag
  2. Medium Umbrella Bag
    1,000 Bags per Case
    Medium Umbrella Bag
  3. Umbrella Bag Stand
    1 Stand
    Umbrella Bag Stand

3 Items

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