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Poly Sheets & Tarps

Poly Sheets & Tarps

The photo shown is an example of plastic bags style only. Dimensions listed represent the actual size.

Poly Sheeting (often refered to as "tarps") is commonly used in construction and agricultural applications, but it is always showing up in new projects as it has almost infinite uses for dust and overspray protection.

The indivual sheets in this category are used primarily as pallet toppers prior to the application of stretch film.  It has also been used as disposable tablecloths, dust covers, paint dropcloths and many other various creative places.

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    68” x 65” x 82” 2 Mil Gusseted Bags on Rolls

    Excellent Product

    Lining our hoppers for scrap

    60" x 72" 1.5 Mil Poly Sheets on Rolls

    Cover Pallets

    Cover pallets

    68” x 65” x 82” 2 Mil Gusseted Bags on Rolls

    Excellent Product

    We line our hoppers with the 2mil gusseted bags to make sure before the hoppers are dumped into our compactor, this keeps the trash from coming out of the compactor and creating an environmental issue

    32” x 28” x 60” 4 Mil Gusseted Bags on Rolls

    First Time Customer

    The bags are used in our trash compactor and in out kitchen area. They seem to be functioning just fine.

    54” x 44” x 96” 3 Mil Gusseted Bags on Rolls

    Gaylord Bags


    51” x 49” x 85” 1.5 Mil Gusseted Poly Bags on Rolls

    My Second Order -- More Will Follow!

    My second order -- easy ordering process, prompt delivery, product just what I wanted!