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Medical, Drug (and food) Grade Poly Bags are indicated with an icon which says “FDA” on the individual product description pages for your reassurance. 

Because the majority of our poly bags are approved by the FDA for food and pharmaceutical use, you’ll find them applied to a very wide variety of functions in almost any environment related to health services.

How Are Poly Bags Used in Healthcare?

You’ll feel comfortable knowing that anything specified as “FDA” will reduce the risk of contamination.  Some are tamper-proof, and many will extend the shelf life of their contents when properly sealed. Trained representatives are available to assist you with selecting correct sizing, gauge and other qualities to best suit your desired use.

Custom healthcare poly bags can offer significant savings for volume users.  If you are purchasing over $1000 of any particular size, check with us for the possibility of receiving a custom quote.  In addition to the savings, custom runs can offer more precise sizing, printing options and customized case counts.

“Make and Ship” reduces your cost per bag.  This is because the expense of warehousing is removed from the cost calculation.  Minimum quantity requirements will vary for custom runs.  Smaller bags require more and larger bags require fewer total bags to meet minimum requirements for production.

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