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The photo shown is an example of plastic bags style only. Dimensions listed represent the actual size.

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Our Commercial Plastic Ice Bags are made from a production process that yields a special balance ideal for ice bag requirements beyond what is possible with Low or Linear Low Density Polyethylene films, these bags excel in high impact strength for long term ice storage.

  • Low haze
  • High gloss and clarity
  • Durability properties
  • Smaller Sizes / Shapes suitable for Injury & Cold Therapy Ice Packs (5/8 lb/ponds)
  • Standard Size, Suitable for Injury Ice Packs & other medical usage to food safe ever day home freezer usage. (10/25 lb/ponds)
  • Large Sizes up-to (50 lb/pound) capacity useful for bars & restaurants, events, and other commercial usage.

Metalocene Ice Bags come in a variety of sizes, both printed and plain.

If you can not find the perfect sized ice bag, be sure to check through our 4 & 6 mil poly bag products, there are a lot of gusseted and flat bag options that have freezer safe properties.

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    18” x 36” 3 Mil Heavy Duty Ice Bags - 50 lbs. Capacity

    50 Lb Ice Bags

    Bags are heavy duty 3 mil. I bag ice from my ice machine to stockpile in a deep freezer for offshore

    12” x 21” 1.2 Mil Printed Metallocene Ice Bags - 10 lb.s Capacity

    Ice Bags

    I have a 550 pound ice machine I take the ice and bag it up and put it in my big chest freezer so

    11” x 20” 1.2 Mil Metalocene Ice Bags - 8 lb.s Capacity

    Easy To Order

    Easy to order. Fast service.

    9” x 18” 1.2 Mil Metalocene Ice Bags - 5 lb.s Capacity


    Very quick shipping!!