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Agricultural & Vegetable Packaging

Agricultural & Vegetable Packaging

From vented & FDA approved produce bags to keep your fruits and veggies fresher, longer, to easy to access handles and tear away dispensers.

Our available supply of agricultural and produce bags are created to make life easier and keep fresh produce longer in the farm, supermarket or home.

6" x 14" + 3.5" 1 Mil Low Density Printed Celery Bag

Celery Bags

Repacking naked celery for customers.

100% of 100

11" x 7" + 3 BG 1.5 Mil LDPE Saddle Pack Vented Slide Seal Bag

Great Bags For Farmers Market Sales

I purchased these as an inexpensive alternative to the hard clear cherry tomato tubs. Now other produce is coming on and it works even better for peppers and green beans. This works perfectly for my application - is cost effective and is higher quality than the produce bags every grocery store uses. Customers seem to appreciate the zippered closure.

100% of 100

9" x 6" x 22" 1.30 Mil Low Density Vented 10 lb Bags

Produce Bags

Produce Bags

80% of 100

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