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Agricultural & Produce

Agricultural & Produce

The photo shown is an example of plastic bags style only. Dimensions listed represent the actual size.

From vented & FDA approved produce bags to keep your fruits and veggies fresher, longer, to easy to access handles and tear away dispensers.

Our available supply of agricultural and produce bags are created to make life easier and keep fresh produce longer in the farm, supermarket or home.

  • Grape Bags

    Grape Bags

    These vented, slide seal bags are perfect for storing cherries, gra...

  • Lettuce Bags

    Lettuce Bags

    Produce vendors and supermarkets will love these high quality vente...

  • Potato Bags

    Potato Bags

    Vented potato bags are commonly used by supermarkets and produce st...

  • Vented Produce Bags

    Vented Produce Bags

    Vented produce bags keep your fruits and veggies fresh by allowing air...

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    9" x 6" x 22" 1.30 Mil Low Density Hole Vented Bag

    Produce Bags

    Produce Bags

    11” x 14” .50 Mil High Density Utility Storage Bag on Roll

    Plastic Bags

    The bags are perfect for my needs. They are exactly as advertised and arrived very quickly. I will

    11" x 8.25" + 3.5 BG 1 Mil Co-Extruded Polypropylene Vented Lettuce Bag

    Leafy Green Lettuce Production

    We use this for our production and presentation of our vegetables and herbs

    12" x 12" + 4" BG 1 Mil Co-Extruded Polypropylene Vented Lettuce Bag

    12" Vented Lettuce Bags

    Delivered quickly, great size for my lettuce. Will order again when necessary!

    11" x 18" + 4" BG + 1.5" LP 1 Mil Low Density Gusset bag on Wicketed


    Easy to find what we needed, and quick response on the delivery.

    8" x 4" x 13" 0.70 Mil Low Density Hole Vented Bag

    Got Here In 2 Days And Thats Great

    Got here in 2 days and thats great

    12” x 13.5” 1.5 Mil Low Density Polyethylene Vented Grape Bag with Twist Ties


    Helpful on first order and online ordering quick and easy for reorder.

    6" x 3.5" x 16.5" 1 Mil Low Density Vented 5 lb Potato Bag with Print

    Outstanding Service

    Couldn't have been more helpful . When I experienced a minor problem they immediately fixed it at no