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Mattress Bags

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About Mattress Bags

Mattress bags are essential accessories designed to safeguard your mattress during storage, transit, or shipping. These versatile protective covers offer a range of benefits to ensure your mattress remains in pristine condition, whether you're moving to a new home, storing it temporarily, or shipping it across long distances.

Most Common Mattress Bag Sizes

  • Crib mattress: Typically around 27.5 inches x 52 inches.
  • Single or Twin mattress: Usually 39 inches x 75 inches.
  • Double or Full mattress: Generally 54 inches x 75 inches.
  • Queen mattress: Typically 60 inches x 80 inches.
  • King mattress: Usually 76 inches x 80 inches.
  • California King mattress: Generally 72 inches x 84 inches.

These dimensions may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer and specific mattress model. It's always a good idea to measure your mattress to ensure the perfect fit when selecting a mattress bag.

Different Gauges of Mattress Bags

What are mil gauges, and how do they affect the quality of the mattress bag?

Mil gauges refer to the thickness of the plastic material used in the bags. We provide options in 1.5, 3, and 4 mil gauges.

Thinner Mil Mattress Bags (1.5 mil):

Short-Term Storage: If you're storing your mattress for a brief period, such as during a move or renovation, a thinner mil bag may suffice. It provides basic protection against dust and light moisture without the need for heavy-duty durability.

Lightweight Mattresses: Thinner mil bags are suitable for lighter mattresses, such as foam or hybrid mattresses, where the emphasis is on covering rather than heavy-duty protection.

Economical Solution: Thinner mil bags are more budget-friendly, making them a practical choice for one-time or occasional use.

Thicker Mil Mattress Bags (3 or 4 mil):

Long-Term Storage: For mattresses stored for extended periods, especially in humid or variable conditions, thicker mil bags offer superior protection against moisture, dust, and potential punctures.

Heavy-Duty Usage: Thicker mil bags are ideal for heavier mattresses, such as innerspring or pillow-top mattresses, where added durability is necessary to withstand the weight and potential handling during storage or transportation.

Professional Movers: If you're a professional mover or shipping mattresses over long distances, thicker mil bags provide enhanced protection against wear and tear during transit, ensuring mattresses arrive in optimal condition.

Limitation of Vented Mattress Bags in Bed Bug Situations:

While our vented mattress bags are designed to facilitate easy insertion and removal of mattresses while providing airflow, it's important to note their limitations in certain situations. Vented bags, by their nature, allow for air circulation, which unfortunately also means they do not provide an airtight seal. As such, they are not recommended for use in situations where bed bug protection is paramount. Bed bugs can potentially penetrate through the vents, rendering the bag ineffective in preventing infestations or containing existing ones. For bed bug prevention or treatment purposes, we recommend utilizing specially designed, tightly sealed mattress encasements that are specifically engineered to safeguard against bed bugs. These encasements create an impenetrable barrier, offering comprehensive protection for your mattress and peace of mind against bed bug infestations.

Additional Considerations

Are mattress bags eco-friendly?

Our bags are made from recyclable materials, offering an environmentally conscious option for mattress protection.

Do you offer customization options for mattress bags?

While our standard sizes and gauges cater to most needs, contact us if you have specific requirements.

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