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1.5 Mil Mattress Bags

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6 Items

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Excellent for applications where your handling of the mattress is gentle and supervised.

Light Handling 1.5 Mil Mattress Bags

  • Low Slip For Easy, Secure Stacking
  • Vented For Easy Loading Without "Balooning"
  • Perforated on Rolls With 3 Inch Cores For Easy Mounting and Dispensing
  • Gusseted for a Contoured Fit*

These bags are low slip to allow you to stack them without great concern about sliding, and they are vented to allow air to escape as the mattress is loaded into the bag. The opening of the bags lead as they are pulled off of the roll, with a seal and perforation trailing.

Connected, but perforated for easy separation and rolled onto 3 inch cores, you will find this packaging to be convenient for mounting on a wall or table rack. They are premium, FDA/USDA approved, heat sealable poly bags. Excellent for storage or controlled transport between store and residence, the 100% virgin resin used to manufacture these bags offers moderate strength and clarity.

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