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Side Gusseted Polypropylene Bags

13 Items

per page

13 Items

per page

High clarity for excellent product presentation. Excellent moisture and vapor barrier

These are premium high clarity polypropylene gusseted plastic bags. If you need clear bags with the high gloss that makes your product look its best, these are the bags you want.

  • Blown PP is soft to the touch (not "crinkly")

Polypropylene provides an outstanding vapor and moisture barrier to keep food, powders or other perishables fresh and dry longer than polyethylene. This product is soft, but strong.

These bags do not have the "crinkly" characteristic often associated with polypropylene. If you are seeking that type of rigidity, then we recommend that you look for our BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene). These are premium, FDA/USDA approved, heat sealable PP bags.

Dimension clarification: The first number is the flat width. The second number is the "gusset", or the measurement of the plastic that goes in and out on one side. The third number is the bag length.

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