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Boxes & Cartons

Corrugated Cardboard & Chipboard Boxes

Chipboard and corrugated cardboard are common boxing and display case materials. Both materials can be shaped and finished with custom printing designs to attract the attention of customers and protect the products. Chipboard wins on every level when it comes to saving on inventory space, and price comparisons, but in the end, corrugated boxes are the most preferred for shipping applications. Not only are they more durable to ship heavy items, but they can be reused and re-purposed many times. Discount Plastic Bags also specializes in boxes for packaging, shipping, and retail display.

Chipboard Boxes

These fine quality paperboard (chipboard) boxes are perfect for storing all your quality products. Also commonly referred to as "folding cartons," they are custom made from recycled materials with a thickness of .023", tan bending chip, kraft or white outside & kraft inside.

Folding Cartons

Tucks lock in - no taping required. They set-up easily for instant use. Most are in stock and ready to ship. We offer highly competitive prices. Cartons are packed flat for minimal shipping costs.

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