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Recyclable LDPE IconLDPE & HDPE. We use the term, “poly bags,” to describe only conventional packaging products manufactured from polyethylene recyclable resins. Learn More...

Our huge selection of Industrial Strength Packaging Products includes; plastic bags, poly tubing, sealers, tape, stretch film, zip lock baggies, stand up pouches, industrial poly bags, flat or gusseted, loose or on rolls, small to big, thick or thin.

We also stock almost limitless custom configurations. Browse through our incomparable selection of stock products, or contact us for professional guidance. We are always happy to help you determine the right product for your application and budget. Free samples are almost always available upon request.

  • Flat Poly Bags

    Flat Poly Bags

    Industrial Strength Flat Poly Bags keep products clean, reduce tamp...

  • Gusseted Poly Bags

    Gusseted Poly Bags

    The side gusseted version of industrial poly bags offer all the sam...

  • Poly Tubing

    Poly Tubing

    Excellent for creating protective packaging for items of vary...

  • Ice Bags

    Ice Bags

    High impact strength, low haze/high gloss and clarity for exc...

  • Furniture Bags

    Furniture Bags

    Economical Protection from Dirt, Dust and Moisture F...

  • Mattress Bags

    Mattress Bags

    You'll find just the right mattress bags for every possible n...

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    30" x 26" x 60" 3 Mil Gusseted Bags

    Great Product


    30" x 26" x 60" 3 Mil Gusseted Bags

    We Use The Bags For

    We use the bags for our industrial shredder and the bags work very well.

    10 lb Metalocene Ice Bags 12" x 21" w/ Twist Ties

    Ice Bags

    We are putting small tree seedlings in them

    62" x 18" x 95" 4 Mil Plush Pillow Top Queen Mattress Bags with Vent Holes

    Mattress Bags

    They work great for delivering mattresses

    60" x 12" x 90" 3 Mil Tall Queen Mattress Bags with Vent Holes

    Excellent Quality

    I have been purchasing and using these plastic bags for my mattresses for 3 years now. Excellent Quality, Fast Delivery. Competitive Price.

    18" x 36" 3 Mil Heavy Duty Ice Bags - 50 lbs. Capacity

    50 Lb Ice Bags

    Bags are heavy duty 3 mil. I bag ice from my ice machine to stockpile in a deep freezer for offshore fishing.

    12" x 21" 1.2 Mil Printed Metallocene Ice Bags - 10 lb.s Capacity With Twist Ties

    Ice Bags

    I have a 550 pound ice machine I take the ice and bag it up and put it in my big chest freezer so when I need ice I have plenty in the freezer that is frozen solid. I Feel my freezer up then I can turn the ice machine off until my Bags up ice runs out. Saving water and power in I use a lot about ice.

    18" x 24" 2 Mil Pink Anti Static Poly Bags

    Great Product

    We ship static sensitive items everyday. we use anti static bags to protect computer equipment

    13" x 18" 4 Mil Pink Antistatic Zip Top Bags

    Good Quality And Nice Price.

    Good quality and nice price.

    62" x 15" x 95" 3 Mil Pillow Top Queen Mattress Bags with Vent Holes

    Their Shipping Is Always Pretty Quick …

    Their shipping is always pretty quick but sometimes im amazed how fast some orders arrive. as for the products themselves, we have always been happy with the quality. we order heavy duty mattress bags for estate clean outs, so the mattresses are sealed when we transport them to dump. and they dont rip too easily and the plastic they use is easier to grip, unlike the thinner and sometimes more expensive ones we could get in a local storage facility or big box store

    62" x 15" x 95" 3 Mil Pillow Top Queen Mattress Bags with Vent Holes

    Speedy Delivery

    Speedy delivery! My bags arrived the very next day!! They were just as described and exactly what we needed. Thank you!

    54" x 9" x 90" 3 Mil Full Mattress Bags with Vent Holes

    Great Service And Support.

    Great service and support.

    8 lb Metalocene Ice Bags 11" x 20" w/ Twist Ties

    Easy To Order

    Easy to order. Fast service.

    60" x 8" x 90" 1.5 Mil Queen Mattress Bags with Vent Holes

    Great Company

    Have been great for all our bag needs.

    50" x 45" 1 Mil Centerfold 26" Chair Bags on Rolls

    Quick Service

    I know when I place an order it will arrive quickly. I've never had a problem with this company.