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Anti Static Zip Reclosable Lock Bags

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32 Items

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Anti Static Zip Reclosable Lock Bags - ValuZip™


  • Stock Options: We offer pink antistat ziplock bags in stock gauges of 2 mil and 4 mil.
  • Static Resistance: Pink anti static bags are made to reduce the amount of static electricity buildup that conventional LDPE bags will tend to create.
  • Improve Static Sensitive Product Dispensing: If you have a light, loose product that tends to stick inside of conventional poly bags, such as EPS foam peanuts or similar, the anti static additive will assist you in dispensing the contents when you need to get them out of the bag.
  • Convenient Dimensions: Size Represents Interior Dimensions. Width is the bag's opening, and length is the distance between the pressure zip closure and the bottom of the bag. The lip above the zip top closure is not included in the dimensions listed herein.
  • Universal Color Code: The pink color is used to universally intended exclusively to identify these bags as anti-static.*
  • Side-Weld Seals: The side-weld seals enhance the strength and reinforce the zipper closure, ensuring secure storage and protection.
  • These Bags Do Not Provide Faraday Cage Protection: Formulated for reduced static buildup. Not formulated to protect from externally generated static electricity.
  • Free Samples Available: You may request free samples to evaluate the bags before making a purchase, ensuring satisfaction and suitability for their specific needs.

Our ValuZip™ Anti-Static Zip Lock Reclosable Bags are made from pink, anti-static polyethylene film, designed to protect electronic components from static build-up and the unwanted contaminants that can also be picked up by static electricity.

Choose our ValuZip™ Anti-Static Zip Lock Reclosable Bags for their excellent seals, reliable pressure-zip closures and good strength for moderate to heavy applications, depending on the gauge that you choose. These bags are perfect for your antistatic packaging requirements and are designed to ensure their performance defined here to protect your products.

Please note that we do not sell Ziploc brand bags.

*Please note that the actual shade of pink will vary, as this product is not marketed to represent the color shown. The actual hue of pink and amount of tint is not intended as a reliable feature for a specific color requirement outside of standard industrial anti-static identification.

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