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2 Mil Anti Static Zip Reclosable Lock Bags

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9 Items

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2 Mil Pink Anti Static Zip Lock Reclosable Bags - ValuZip™

These bags have been thoughtfully designed to meet your unique packaging needs, especially when it comes to handling static-sensitive items. Here are some key features that make our bags stand out:

  • Ready In Stock: We keep our 2 Mil pink anti-static ziplock bags ready to ship, usually by the next day. No more waiting for days for your packaging supplies to ship.
  • Static Resistance: Made to reduce static electricity buildup much better than conventional LDPE bags, they help protect sensitive electronics from static damage, especially in dry climates.
  • Improved Product Dispensing: For lightweight, loose products like EPS foam peanuts that stick inside regular poly bags, our anti-static additive eases the dispensing process.
  • Convenient Dimensions: Our bag sizes represent their interior dimensions. Width refers to the bag's opening, and length is the distance from the pressure zip closure to the bag's bottom. Note that the dimensions don't include the lip above the zip top closure.
  • Universal Color Code: These bags are color coded in a pink tint - a color universally recognized to signify anti-static properties*.
  • Robust Design: The side-weld seals reinforce the zipper closure, ensuring secure storage and protection.
  • These Bags do not Provide Faraday Cage Protection: While our bags effectively reduce static buildup, it's important to note they don't provide Faraday cage protection and won't guard against externally generated static electricity.
  • Free Samples Available: Unsure if these are the right bags for you? Request free samples to evaluate their suitability before making a purchase.

Our 2 Mil ValuZip™ Anti-Static Zip Lock Reclosable Bags feature excellent seals, reliable pressure-zip closures, and good strength for moderate applications. Ideal for low-impact anti-static packaging requirements, they're designed to provide efficient protection for your products.

Please note that we don't sell Ziploc brand bags.

*The actual shade of pink may vary, as the product isn't marketed to match the color shown. The hue and tint are not intended for specific color requirements beyond standard anti-static identification.

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