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Zip Locking Bags

Zip Locking Bags

ValuZip® Brand offers High Quality Zip Reclosable / Resealable Lock Bags Bags in a wide range of popular zip locking Bag Sizes (Tiny / Mini / Little / Small / Gallon & two Gallon, Sandwich to Large / Extra Large & Oversized), Styles, Zip Locking Closures.

  • Custom Sizes & Printing Options Available
  • Finger & Thumb Pressure lock mechanism
  • Zip Bags are Heat Sealable above the pressure lock
  • All Products in this category are 100% Recyclable
  • Gauges (Mil Thicknesses) For Almost Any Application
  • Our plastic ziplock bags are FDA and USDA approved for Direct Food Contact (99% FDA Approved, Food Safe Lock Bags are marked with an Resealable Icon)
  • Made from 100% Virgin Raw Materials
  • Zip Lock Bags for Display, Storage and Shipping
  • All Dimensions Are Listed in Inches, each bag has a too-scale diagram and size chart available.
  • First Dimension Always Represents the Bag Opening

All zipper reclosable bag dimensions represent the interior dimensions. The lip above the zip is not included in the dimensions for those bags that have a lip (non slide-seal).

Zip Locking Mechanism Opened - Top cross section with magnification of an open zip lock bag with an unlocked separated seal.

Zip Locking Mechanism Closed - Top cross section with magnification of a closed ziplock bag with a locked & joined airtight seal.

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