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4 Mil Zip Locking White Block Bags

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4 Mil Zip Locking White Block Bags - ValuZip™

  • High Quality: These zip top reclosable plastic bags with a white block offer excellent seals and reliable zipper closures, ensuring quality and durability for heavy duty applications.
  • Heavy Duty Thickness: ValuZip™ 4 Mil Reclosable Zip Lock White Block Bags feature a heavy duty thickness that can be used for packaging your heavy, sharp or valuable items. It can help reduce the frequency of damage caused by scuffs and scrapes, and the puncture resistance is excellent.
  • FDA/USDA Approved: Made from 100% virgin low-density polyethylene (LDPE), these bags are FDA/USDA approved and safe for food and bulk pharmaceutical packaging.
  • Freezer Grade: These 4 Mil bags can be used for short-term, low impact freezer storage.
  • Formulated for Good Industrial Clarity: Although clear, these bags have good "industrial" clarity. You'll find that your contents will be easily visible, but the primary engineered qualities of this product focus on strength above gloss and clarity.
  • Easy Labeling: Each bag includes a white block where you can write notes about the bag's contents, making labeling and identification convenient.
  • Keep Fresh Food Longer: When leftovers are stored in a sealed ValuZip™ Bag, they stay fresh longer in the fridge compared to open-ended bags, aluminum, or paper. You can write the date packed onto the white block for added security and freshness.
  • BPA-Free and Food Safe: ValuZip™ 4 Mil Reclosable Bags are free from BPA (bisphenol A) and safe for storing food items.
  • Excellent for Retail Display or Storage: The white blocks on these bags make it easy to identify the contents, which can help speed up the picking process in retail or storage settings.
  • Side-Weld Seals: The side-weld seals enhance the strength and reinforce the zipper closure, ensuring secure storage and protection.
  • 100% Recyclable: These bags are environmentally friendly as they are 100% recyclable, promoting sustainability and reducing waste.
  • Convenient Dimensions: The size of the bags represents their interior dimensions. The width indicates the bag's opening, while the length measures the distance between the pressure zip closure and the bottom of the bag. The dimensions do not include the lip above the zip top closure. All dimensions are listed in inches for easy reference and accurate sizing.
  • Free Samples Available: You can request free samples to evaluate the bags before making a purchase, ensuring they meet your specific needs and requirements.
  • 5 Star Satisfaction Guarantee: Our ValuZip™ 2 mil Bags are backed by our 5 Star Satisfaction Guarantee, providing assurance of their quality and performance.

Please Note: We do not sell Ziploc brand bags.

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