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Amber Zip Locking Bags

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UV-Protected Amber Reclosable Bags - ValuZip™

UV-protected amber reclosable bags are a type of packaging used to protect light-sensitive products from harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation. These bags are made from high-quality materials and come with features designed to ensure reliability and safety. Here are some key features of UV-protected reclosable bags that you might find useful:

  • High-quality materials: These bags are made from 100% virgin raw materials that are FDA and USDA approved. This ensures that the bags are safe for use with food and other sensitive products.
  • Excellent seals and closures: UV-protected reclosable bags come with reliable pressure-zip closures that create an airtight seal to keep your products safe and secure.
  • Amber protection: The amber color of the bags provides protection from UV penetration, which can degrade and damage light-sensitive products like medicine and other sensitive items.
  • Ideal for light-sensitive products: These bags are excellent for keeping medicine and other light-sensitive products secure, ensuring that they remain effective and safe to use.
  • Various sizes available: The bags come in various sizes which are listed in inches. The first dimension represents the reclosable zip top opening, while the second represents the interior length from the zip top to the bottom of the bag.

Overall, UV-protected reclosable bags are an excellent way to keep your light-sensitive products safe and secure. With high-quality materials, reliable closures, and amber protection from UV penetration, these bags provide an effective solution for storing and transporting sensitive items.

Actual color may vary, as the Amber color is representative of the UV protection, and it is not intended as a consistent color match.

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