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Tamper Evident Zip Re-sealable Lock Bags

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Tamper Evident Zip Re-sealable Lock Bags - ValuZip™

  • Raw Material: Made from a proprietary blend of 100% virgin Low and Linear-Low Density Polyethylene resins.
  • Made for Easy Loading: The open bottom design makes for easy product loading.
  • Heat-Sealable: Once loaded, these bags are easy to seal closed with a bag heat sealer. This leaves the top of the bag closed, so your customer has assurance that the package has been unopened from the time that it was sealed until the time that they open it.
  • Perforated Tear Strip: The perforated strip above the zipper makes for consumer convenience and reassurance. It opens cleanly, giving your package an ongoing professional appearance.
  • Side-Weld Seals: The side-weld seals enhance the strength and reinforce the zipper closure, ensuring secure storage and protection.
  • Custom Options: Custom sizes and printing are available for you to make your package fit and your product stand out. Minimum quantities apply. Contact us for more details.
  • Free Samples Available: You may request free samples to evaluate the bags before making a purchase, ensuring satisfaction and suitability for their specific needs.

Please note that we do not sell Ziploc brand bags.

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